User Management

You have the ability to add multiple logins to your account and determine what access each user has. Below we've listed all the options, and what they mean.
  • Email Marketing
    • Campaigns (The below options stack. Select multiple to enable each permission. Allowing "Advanced Campaigns (HTML / Template Builder)" takes preference over "Basic Campaigns (Text Only)")
      • Create Campaigns (Create a basic campaign. No send permissions.)
      • Create Campaigns And Build Or Import Their Own Templates (Create Advanced Campaigns with our Template Builder. No send permissions.)
      • Create Campaigns And Import Their Own Designs (Create Advanced Campaigns and import HTML files. No send permissions.
      • Create Campaigns And Run Design_Spam Tests (Create Basic Campaigns, run Design and Spam Tests (Admin Fees Apply). No send permissions.)
      • Create Campaigns And Send Campaigns (Create Basic Campaigns. Allow campaigns to be sent.)
    • Lists
      • Manage Lists (View Lists only. Basic maintenance allowed.)
      • Manage Lists And Add New Subscribers (View Lists and Add New Subscribers to the list)
    • Reports
      • See Reports (View Reports on sent campaigns. Subscriber details hidden.)
      • See Reports Showing Subscriber Details (View Reports on sent campaigns. All details shown.)
    • Access Automation (Access our Automation Feature).
    • Transactional Access (Access our Transactional Mail Feature)
  • SMS Marketing
    • UserRights
      • Login (Allow the user to make use of the SMS Marketing System. Full access is given. Granular control (like we have in Email Marketing) coming soon.)
  • Support
    • User Rights
      • Login (Allow user to create and view tickets with our Support Team.)
  • Dashboard
    • User Rights
      • Administrator (Allow user to access and edit User Management.)
      • Login (Allow user to access the Dashboard. Revoking this right does not revoke their access to the other features of TouchBasePro).
    • User Management
      • Add User (Allow user to add more users.)
      • Delete User (Allow user to delete users.)
      • Edit User (Allow user to edit details of a user, including access rights and passwords.)
    • Financial
      • Edit Billing Details (Edit financial details of the account, including payment methods, credit card details, etc.)
      • Make Purchase (Make a purchase of any kind, using any method of payment.)
If I delete a user, will all their work disappear?
A: Users are purely administrative. Any work they have done in the past, or automation they have set up, will remain intact.

Q: Can I set up different billing details per user?
A: Billing details are a single entity, account wide. They cannot be altered per user. Deny access to Financial Rights for anyone you don't want racking up a bill.

Q: Can I see a log of which user did what?
A: Not at the moment, but that's coming soon.

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