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Free Stock Images for your Email Marketing Campaign

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It is often difficult for organizations to think of exciting content for their newsletter. They need to find something to prevent their readers from being bored and deleting future newsletters without reading them. There is loads of information out there but it can be difficult to find in a search.
Options of convenient websites have been specially created to help find interesting content for you. The good news is you don’t need to be an expert or have loads of money to spend on finding information.
On a practical note, we are setting up a new series of Training Videos to help you get more familiar with TouchBasePro. These in-depth videos are quick to watch, and go into great detail about what you can do on TouchBasePro. To watch the first one, click here. Feedback is always appreciated, so be sure to let us know what you think.
How to get free content for your newsletter

Ever wondered how you would be able to create a fun and exciting newsletter that will excite and entice your audience when you are not an expert in all the fields? These tips will help you gain the confidence you need to write the content for your newsletters.
It is important to your organisation that you remain the first name your customers think of. This can be done via email marketing, allowing you to send newsletters to clients and prospective clients through regular communications.
In order to keep your existing clients and attract new ones to your mailing list, your content needs to be new and interesting. The way it’s presented should be appealing and attention grabbing to build a good solid relationship with your clients. They will then be more likely to believe and trust what you are saying in your newsletters, rather than thinking of it as junk mail.

Don’t feel you need to be a really good writer on every topic to grab your audience’s attention. There are lots of resources that have been created to help you through the process. You can use these free of charge as long as you reference and credit the author.
People respond in loads of ways, so by using visuals they will become more involved, which will ensure they are more likely to remember you. This is true if your information is interesting and attention grabbing. There are also many free images you can use as long as you credit the author.
Even though there are lots of these sites available, you must still take note of the terms and conditions of every website where you have chosen to use things from. This will reduce possible future problems.
Here are the five top article directories to help you when writing your article. Once you have chosen the subject to inform your clients about, then all you need to do is research the topic by typing it in the search boxes. You are able to search by the topic you have chosen or the industry. Just remember that if you find an author’s publications useful to your organisation that you must say who that author is. 

These directories include:

In addition to text sources, some sites are dedicated to images. The images you find on these websites may be used free of charge in digital format for your newsletters and even websites. Some of the images are creative commons licensed, which increases sharing and can also improve working relationships. To understand this properly please read

Below are the top five image libraries:

Reusing templates when sending newsletters makes email marketing really simple with little effort. You simply paste your articles and images into your template and send it out on TouchBasePro. If you still have a problem or require specialised help to design a reusable template for your company or brand that lets you paste your content to send to your customers, just let us know. Click for quote
Implementing the proper plan to drive traffic to your site is a complicated task that requires strategic and tactical planning. However, you may find that some areas illustrated above are pretty easy and economical to implement.

In Conclusion
Busy-work for this month:
Start gathering interesting content for your newsletters, and spicing up your communications with your clients
Get more comfortable with TouchBasePro by watching the new training video

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