How to convert your Legacy Word Document to HTML.


Our new system comes loaded with our Free Template Builder, an extremely powerful and flexible tool. However, Legacy Customers may have old Word Document templates which they'd like to move over to the new system.

Unfortunately, you can't import the Word Document straight. We've spent years building our Template Builder which comes populated with 100's of Free Templates which you can mould, edit, personalise and make your own. They're guaranteed to be Mobile Friendly and Responsive, look beautiful on all Email Clients and work perfectly. This alone justifies the initial bit of work to port your content over. Start creating a campaign, pick a template when it asks you to, and insert all the relevant content as you build it. It's incredibly easy, and you can view the video demonstrating it right here.

There are tonnes of reasons why we can't suggest or support using MS Word anymore:

It's unpredictable. Sure, it might look good on your computer, but we'd be willing to bet any amount of money that a bunch of your recipients received a hot mess. Word is for letters and printed items, not email templates. Our Template Builder guarantees that your design will look the same on all major email clients.

It's not responsive. Anyone who received a template made in Word and tried to read it on their cellphone / tablet struggled. Our templates adjust for easy viewing on mobile devices, automatically. You don't have to do a thing, we take care of it.

It converts into excessive, non-standard HTML. Spam Filters hate that, which means you're wasting money - unhappy Spam Filters means fewer people receive your email. Ours use minimal and up to date HTML standards.

It's hard! How many times have you sent yourself a test and everything is simply "broken". Then you have to spend hours fiddling to get it to look good, and again, it probably only looks good for just you. Our Template Builder is easy, it's not a big scary monster. Just dive in and give it a go :)

Good Luck!

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