Email Marketing - You're on the right track


Email Marketing - You're on the right track- May '10

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Email Marketing - You are on the right track

In the last year a number of interesting trends have emerged. The good news is that if you are already investing in regular Email Marketing campaigns for your business, then you are already on the right track.

There has been strong growth in internet uptake in South Africa and all over the world internet marketing is becoming more and more important. Email Marketing in particular seems to be maturing and finding its place as one of the most important marketing and customer retention tools of the modern business world.

South Africa internet user top 5 million

Removing duplicate users, South Africa can reliably count 5,3-million individual Internet users. According to World Wide Worx's latest survey, "Internet Access in South Africa 2010", the internet is finally becoming mainstream. South Africa is at the beginning of an exponential growth curve in its Internet capacity and this is already translating into a significantly higher number of users. While connectivity has traditionally been the preserve of businesses and the elite in SA, it is now starting to penetrate the mass market as well. 
Source: Fin24

Email Marketing number one for ROI

Since 2008, Email Marketing has been rated number one in terms of return on investment compared to every other type of direct marketing. This means that Email Marketing is better than telemarketing and direct mail.

Email Marketing is the number one interactive advertising format

Last year (2009) Email Marketing became the number one Interactive Advertising format, surpassing banners and search marketing for the first time

Growth areas shaping the future of email marketing

The following important email marketing trends have been identified by the Foresters research company:

Advertising in other people's emails is another way to handle promotional emailing. Instead of producing your own newsletter, you can find newsletters published by others and pay them to put your advertisement in the emails they send their subscribers. There are, in fact, many email newsletters that are created for just this purpose - to sell advertising space to others.

  • Retention email - email that recipients have blessed with their permission - will continue to replace paper communications and will make up the largest share of marketing messages. Retention emails will account for more than a one-third of all marketing messages in consumers' inboxes by 2014, representing increased competition for marketers.
  • While the bulk of the market will continue to deploy email marketing on a self-service basis (using tools like TouchBasePro), the growing complexity associated with data integration and new tactics to increase relevancy will drive healthy growth in use of email service providers.
  • Spending on ad-sponsored or ad-supported newsletters will double over the next five years as traditional print publishers face falling circulation and ad revenue.
  • The use of email in social networks will be one of the biggest challenges for direct marketers. Over the next five years, marketers must bridge the gap between social and traditional inboxes with social sharing tools (we will talk about this a bit further in future newsletter).


What does it all mean for your business?

Email Marketing is fast becoming an important part of every marketing program. If you are already sending regular email newsletters or promotional mailers then you are certainly on the right track. Perhaps, however, it is time to invest additional time and effort in your database growth strategy and the value add of your email marketing program.

Everything You Know About Marketing Is Wrong

By Darryl Comley-White

How guerrilla-marketing tactics will help grow your business

For as long as marketing and advertising has been the driving force behind big business, smaller companies have tried copying their marketing strategies with results that are less than desirable. This results in the general opinion among small business owners that marketing is expensive and does little to generate business.

These general options are true. So true, in fact, that the majority of small business owners have become so jaded by their own marketing activities that they have chosen not to market their business. Other business owners have heard stories of failed marketing attempts and they too shy away from actively growing their business.


Everything you know about marketing is wrong! That's why!

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