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A note to users of our old system.

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By now, you've had a chance to check out our work from the last two+ years. This document isn't going to cover everything on the new system, but how the old system and the new system differ.

New users (August 2015 and onward) probably don't need to go through this document, only people who have migrated over to our new system should read through this.

If you convert your account using the Migration Prompt when you log in, we'll honour your old price as best we can. Some users will have their price come down, whereas some will get a price increase. As a long standing customer, we'll try our best to give you the best deal possible. The Migration Prompt will let you know how your pricing is changing. Note that this price is valid for your existing package only, any alterations to it will revert to standard pricing once moved over. You can view all our pricing and packages on our homepage, by clicking on Pricing.

Our main focus going forward will be our Free Template Builder. It's already pre-populated with 100's of templates that you can shape and customise into your own. There's a neat video showing it on our homepage, go here to check it out. You can also create custom and unique templates to work with our Template Builder here, or import your standard HTML Template.
We've added the ability to convert your Word Document template over to HTML (click here). This support is for our legacy customers on our old system that still had them. However, it's an old and outdated method of creating campaigns. They're not mobile friendly and they may look terrible in Web Based clients like Gmail. We strongly suggest checking out 100's of Free Templates in our Free Template Builder and porting your content over to it. It might seem a little daunting at first, but it's worth it in the long run. Alternatively, we can create an HTML template just for you. Give us a shout and we'll arrange one of our Sales Staff to be in touch.
This is an exciting one. Sending Based Email Monthly Credits no longer expire at the end each month, they only expire once a year (31 December). If you don't use all your credits in that month, they roll over until 31 December. This applies to Sending Based packages only. (Pre-Paid never expired and still don't, and Storage Based Packages focus on your subscribers and not how many credits you use).
Storage Based Package
We've split our Storage Based packages into two categories. Basic Store and Unlimited Store. Basic Store is limited to 5 sends but has a considerable price reduction. Unlimited Store is truly unlimited.
Email Size
"KB Sizes" no longer exist. One email credit = one email sent. They can be as large or as small as you want. You'll never need "1.3 credits" per email again.
Image Embedding
We've removed the ability to embed images. We were the last bulk mailer left that still offered this feature, and we've made the call to drop it. Mail Recipients no longer find the concept of "clicking to download images" foreign, it has no effect on delivery rates, it allows us to drop the concept of "Email Sizes" (as above), Web Based email like Gmail download images automatically, regardless of being embedded or not, your mails are smaller (and therefor you have happier recipients) and, lastly, it allows for more accurate tracking and reporting. It's just a win all round.
We've reshaped our system to no longer accept embedded attachments. This was a tough call, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Emails no longer have the opportunity to be massive (again, going back to the first point about Email Sizes). Recipients don't need to have the inbox's bogged down with large mails that take forever to download. We suggest hosting your file on dropbox, it's free!
Campaign Reviews
We now have 24/7 Campaign Review staff. No matter the time of day or night, someone will be checking for reviews. The process is different however, we no longer check each campaign every 15 minutes, we review your databases (and your account) as a whole and this process can take up to 24 hours, but will only occur once (unless the database grows considerably). This means that once a database has been marked as accepted, there won't be any further delays in sending out your campaigns (they'll go out immediately).

You can read more about our new Campaign Review Process by clicking here.
All customers will, unfortunately, need to go through the review process again as if they were brand new. We hope you understand.
Database Uploads and Sending Speed
Databases no longer go into a queue, they all process at once and considerably faster. The same goes for email campaigns, our sending speed has increased by over 1000%. We can now send in 10 minutes what took us +- 7.5 hours.
Test Messages
No limit. Test away!

Bugs and Issues
All gone. How lovely. Let us know if something isn't right, but after extensive testing we don't predict you ever seeing the dreaded Red Flag ever again.

Migrated Content
If you use the Migration Tool, we'll move over the following elements:
  • Subscription (if applicable) and Credit Balance
  • Databases - both Active and Archived
  • Billing and Account Information
We're sure at some point you might get a fright with how much has changed, owing to how unfamiliar some things are. Just dive in and give it a bash, it should come to you naturally and within minutes. We are here to assist should you get stuck with anything.

All our new features are listed on our homepage, just go to and click on features.

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